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Coronaviris Info

TO OUR CUSTOMERS: This is a scary time; especially for our elderly community and those who are immunodeficient. We want to reach out to those citizens in need of assistance and want to limit contact with people.

If you need gas or something inside like food, need help, and want to remain in your vehicle, pull to the pump, call the store, 228-588-3555. We will send someone to you and assist with your needs. We will be happy to help and again, you will not have to leave the inside of your vehicle. There will be NO extra charges and we will NOT accept tips. We are here to help with any special needs.

Another option: If you want to order from our Deli or Subway remotely, it can be done via our website at We have links there which will take you to our order section and it allows payment via credit card when finished. When you arrive at our store after ordering, just call us at 228-588-3555 and we will come to you with your order.

We are here to assist our community the best we can. This is new for us too, so we may not be perfect at first but we sure will give it our best! It’s always a pleasure to help in any way we can. God bless you all!Home

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